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We’re here to ensure you develop an enterprising legal career. We’ll take the time to really understand your interests and offer the best support for your career.

  • Keeping it real and including others

    “I started here as a graduate, it was my very first job and its our people and strong sense of community that keeps me going. Input into the direction of Duncan Cotterill comes from right across the firm . . . and quite bluntly, some of the best stuff is coming from our young lawyers —what their thoughts are, how they like to operate, the type of work and community activities that interest them. It’s exciting.“

    Richard Smith Partner
  • Learn from the team, aim higher

    “They really invest in your growth and get you to the point where you can do things for yourself.  The partners see you upskilling as putting something back into the firm, so they’re supportive of anything you want to look at doing. The best thing about my job is the people, not just the staff, but having that bond with your longstanding clients."

    Heather Lenihan Legal Executive
  • When it’s a good fit, everything is possible

    “Well I always loved the firm and it was where I always wanted to make partner. Duncan Cotterill was a great support in helping me to grow my profile and win enough clients to put forward a business case for partnership.  I'm incredibly grateful to the firm for helping me through to that level."

    Jessie Lapthorne Partner

What does success look like to you?

“Creating a diverse client base – second to none.”

Simon Munday, Partner

“Turning up to work with a smile on my face and leaving with a smile on my face.”

Ashleigh Rush, Legal Executive

“Taking the time to understand a client’s needs and working out the most effective solution for them.”

Hamish Rossie, Solicitor

“It’s doing good work with good people, for good clients.”

Olivia Lund, Partner

“Working for a full service national firm allows you to support your clients with any legal issue wherever they’re located”

Dene Gavin, Partner

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